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              The company Zakład Ślusarsko-Mechaniczny Krzysztof Żardecki has been
operating since 1990. It is the single owner private company seated at the
suburb of Radom. At its beginning the company was dealing with the
production of small steel structures and selling them on the local market. In
2006 we established a close cooperation with the Swedish company named
MEAG GENEVAD AB, operating in the road infrastructure and road marking
sector, which afterwards was incorporated by Saferoad Group and for several
years has been operating under Saferoad Traffic name.  The good relations with
the Swedish branch of Saferoad Group allowed us expand the cooperation with
the companies belonging to the Group also in Poland and Lithuania due to
which we could participate in several major road projects implemented in
recent years. In 2012 we delivered over 20 gantries for the first stage of ETC
system implemented by Kapsch. In the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 against orders
from Signaroad and Safearod Grawil we produced dozens of gantries and
thousands of support constructions for boards and road signs to mark the roads
and motorways that were built that time in Poland and besides in 2014 and 2015
we produced dozens of gantries which were erected over the motorways in the
area of Vilnius and Kaunas. We also delivered the constructions for VMS
(variable message signs), among others for ITS in Białystok implemented by
Siemens. Except for the road constructions we also produced for Saferoad other
building structures such as balconies and marinas dedicated for Scandinavian
market. Of course the biggest client among the Saferoad Group remains the
Swedish company Saferoad Traffic for which for the last 10 years we have
produced several hundreds of gantries and several thousands of different                
kind of support constructions.
           Besides Saferaod Group, since 2015 Swarco Traffic Polska Sp. z o.o. is our
recipient of the road constructions in Poland, for which we produce                             
the  booms and masts for installing traffic lights in cities.
           Zakład Ślusarsko-Mechaniczny also produce typical building constructions
intended for the domestic market. For few years we have been manufacturing
street furniture, among others for Strabag company, which were installed                 
on Piotrowska and several adjacent streets in Łódź.
          In 2015 we produced for Budimex and installed almost 70 tons of the
constructions of the storage building at the area of Warsaw subway, as well as
about 520 tons of the constructions of OW-2 hall at the area                                                
of Warsaw Agriculture and Food Market in Bronisze.
          The power constructions are one of our activity area. In 2016 we installed
approximately 150 tons of constructions of 110kv line poles in the
neighborhood of Głogów for Dalekovod and over 90 poles for the                                                         
transformer constructions for GPZ Pabianice.
          In 2014 in Zakład Ślusarsko-Mechaniczny Krzysztof Żardecki there have
been implemented the procedures of the factory quality control according to
PN EN 3834-2 and PN EN 1090-1 standards. The quality of our products and on-
time deliveries have always been the priority in the production activity of the
Zakład Ślusarsko-Mechaniczny
Kotarwice 50B
26-624 Kowala